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There are so many opportunities to celebrate and what better way to mark the occasion than with a gourmet, made fresh to order cake!

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Cake Menu

   Crowd Pleasers Size/Shape
Strawberry and Chantilly
A golden sponge cake with chantilly cream filling, smothered with fresh strawberries in a strawberry sauce. A tasty way to end your day! Fruit filling can be substituted for a variety of flavors including peach, banana, raspberry, pineapple.

Golden sponge cake with a tinge of Grand Marnier flavor and a light blend of buttercream with lemon, raspberry or mocha flavors.

Back to Basics
A golden sponge cake with vanilla and chocolate custard filling. This can be accented with rum upon request. A vanilla and chocolate chantilly can be substituted for a lighter cake. A traditional way to end your day!

Black Forest Cake
Devil’s food cake with a Kirsch liqueur, black cherries and whipped cream filling.

Golden sponge cake or devil’s food cake with a Bailey chantilly and soaked with Bailey’s cream.

Devil’s food cake with a Kahlua flavored light cannoli cream. A coffee lover’s delight!

Black Velvet
A rich dark chocolate cake with your choice of filling.

Chocolate Whipped Cream Delight
This golden sponge cake is enhanced with three layers of chocolate whipped cream filling and a hint of Grand Marnier liqueur. A great presentation when served to guests.

Carrot Cake
Moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese, blended with coconut, chopped nuts and raisins. "Simply the Best!"

Devil’s food cake with a Kirsch liqueur, black cherries and Mascarpone cheese filling with shaved chocolate sits between three layers of golden cake soaked with espresso and Kahlua.

Raspberry Chambord
A thin layer of pure raspberry jam with a light chantilly cream between vanilla sponge cake or black velvet cake. It can be smothered with fresh raspberries when in season.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Devil’s food cake with chocolate mousse filling covered with liquid chocolate topping and chocolate shavings. Choose from a variety of fillings including chocolate praline mousse, raspberry, amaretto and more.

Red Velvet
Red sponge cake with cream cheese filling. "Rich" sweet southern flavor.


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