Sumo Citrus

Now is the time when most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest. Stewart’s has so many delicious citrus varieties to enjoy, from Satsumas and Clementines to Cara Cara Navels and Ruby Star Grapefruits. And Walter Stewart’s has the sweetest fresh-squeezed OJ! One of our favorites is the Sumo Citrus. This colossal piece of late-winter citrus has its origins in Japan (where its known as the Dekopon) and is now grown in California’s Central Valley. Beneath the easy-peeling skin, Sumo segments are so plump with juice they literally pop! These are the perfect mandarins for creating orange supremes. Sumo juice is super-sweet, abundant and refreshing. Look for the distinctive top-knot crowning each rugged-looking orb.










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