handmelon_displayCelebrate a summer delicacy! For a limited time only famous Hand Melons are available at Walter Stewart’s! A rare heirloom variety of muskmelon that is unique in its full, fruity taste. Fresh from Hand Melon Farm in Greenwich, NY!
History was made here almost 100 years ago when young Allen F. Hand planted a novel one-acre crop of muskmelons in 1925, which sweetened through the long summer and early fall – and became a runaway success. Since that time, movie stars, presidents, and the Saratoga summer set have all enjoyed Hand Melons. Today, 3 generations later, our carefully selected, cultivated, and fresh-picked melons have a reputation for flavor and sweetness that is unparalleled.
Unlike supermarket melons, which are harvested immature for shipping, Hand Melons are picked when the plant is ready and releases the fruit from the stem. These fully mature melons have the full sugar potential that immature fruit can never achieve. They are only available for a limited time, typically August.
The taste of a perfect Hand Melon will alter your perception of how a fresh melon should taste. They are so fully-sweetened and fragrant that they actually exhibit an intense floral aromatic that pleases the senses. Like French champagne or Maine lobster, Hand Melons are the most perfect representation of the category.

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