Walter Stewart’s and Stewart’s Wine & Spirits are proud to participate in the town wide Horizons Giving Day, Wednesday May 15th. Donate your T-Bills at Walter Stewart’s and shop at Stewart’s Wine & Spirits (we will donate 10% of sales between 1 and 5pm) to help support this essential program.
Horizons successfully closes gaps in opportunity so youth from low-income families can live empowered, choice-filled lives.
Funds raised by Horizons National mean more Horizons programs can be opened and more students can be served. Each new program we open – dedicated to closing gaps in opportunity, skills, and achievement – helps transform students, families, and communities across the country.
When you give to a local Horizons program, you’re helping that program serve local students – local giving stays local. Horizons students begin as early as pre-Kindergarten and return year after year through high school. And given this long-term commitment, they thrive!
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