Prosciutto_Cotto_OK(levoni)Walter Stewart’s is excited to offer Levoni brand meats in our deli and meat dept. All Levoni meats are “born and bred” in Italy because there are no half measures when it comes to quality, goodness and transparency. All of their recipes start from pigs that were born, bred, and processed in Italy and first choice meats carefully selected and prepared. Levoni believes that goodness and quality come from attention to detail and taking the time and patience that the quality of their cured meats deserves. All Levoni’s cured meats are made without gluten or lactose with no hormones or antibiotics.  Simply put, they never compromise about the origin of their meats! Shop Stewart’s for Levoni Prosciutto di Parma aged 14 months, Levoni Pancetta Cotta, Levoni Cooked Ham, Levoni Cooked Ham with Provencal Herbs, and Levoni Napoli Smoked Salame in our deli case, as well as Levoni Salame Milano Levenetto and Levoni Salame Rutico Levonetto in our meat case.
Levonetto Milano Crudo_(levoni) Levoni - Logo

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