Walter Stewart’s Customers Donate ‘T-Bill’ Rewards to AmeriCares

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, we are donating $1444 to Americares!

Walter Stewart’s Market patrons have raised $1444.00 toward Americares relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Dorian.
A message from Americares:
“Americares emergency medical team continues to meet urgent health needs in the Bahamas, providing primary care, medicines and emergency supplies to Abaco and Grand Bahama evacuees. In less than a week, Americares has provided 150 medical consultations, primarily treating patients for non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension; skin diseases and lesions from time spent in standing water; disaster-related wounds from debris; and muscle aches. Our medical team continues to report high levels of trauma amongst evacuees and has provided mental health support services to dozens of Hurricane Dorian survivors.
In the past week, Americares provided medical services at several shelters including the Old Bahama Academy Shelter and the Fox Hill Community Shelter. Going forward, Americares will be providing medical services at the Kendall Isaacs Gymnasium shelter, which is currently housing 500 people.
There continues to be high need for medical services in the shelters. To date, more than 5,500 people have evacuated from Abaco and Grand Bahama to Nassau with over 1,400 staying in shelters that are operating at more than 75% capacity — And the shelter population continues to rise.
Given the level of devastation on Abaco and Grand Bahama and no publicized plan for transitioning the shelter population, it is unclear how long people will remain in shelters.
Last week, Americares response team also conducted damage assessments on Abaco in anticipation of evolving response needs. Of the 21 health facilities on Abaco and Grand Bahama, only 9 are listed as operational. The ER Team will continue to coordinate closely with the Ministry of Health, PAHO and other partners to ensure programming evolves with the needs of these badly-affected facilities.
For now, Americares response strategy is focused on the delivery of primary health care services and expanded mental health and psychosocial support to shelter populations as well as the distribution of medicines and relief supplies. However, looking ahead, we expect to also focus on the restoration of health services and long-term health system strengthening in areas hit hard by Hurricane Dorian.”
Walter Stewart’s customers who participate in the T-Bill Rewards program—a card may be obtained from the store’s customer service staff or online here—had an option to donate their balances to the fundraising effort.
Under the rewards program, Stewart’s customers accrue points with each purchase they make and can use their balances toward free items in the store or for services, and they can also donate T-Bills back during drives such as this one.

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