Stewart's Market Shop Online homepageHi all! We have updated our online site to serve you better.

Much Easier to Shop

The site is organized just like how our store is. You will find so many of the items you would see each day in-store along with sales items, specialty items and fresh prepared meals to go. You may review past carts, both in-store and online so consider our online shopping an extension of our in-store experience. It’s seamless!

Our Dairy, Frozen Items and Specialty Cheeses

So much additional items to choose from! The Dairy and Frozen section has so many of your favorite brands. The specialty cheeses are a collection of fresh alpine and brie, soft and hard cheeses, cheddars and mozzarella, shredded and grated.

Our Kitchen and Deli are Stock Full of Choices

We added a wide selection of prepared items from our kitchen.

Our Butcher Shop Online

We have added so many of the in-store options to our online butcher shop. Shop for organic, all natural, grass fed and antibiotic free meat and poultry options. We also have many local farm options.

Our Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Our produce, both fruits and vegetables is much more extensive. The sections mirror our organic and Non-GMO in-store options along with gluten free, kosher, dairy free, fair trade and all natural. We also have will expand the local offering as the growing season continues.

Our Bakery

We have been busy expanding our bakery offerings with our own brand of fresh items along with great local options you’ve come to love. You will be able to find just what you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have cookie decorating kits for the kids; pies and tarts for dessert.

Three Ways to Save

Our online sales section you’ll find T-bill specials, Weekly Specials and WSM Top Sellers. Visit for the great savings you have come to expect from Stewart’s.

Update Site Ordering Features

You will find it easier and faster to use the new site. The product accuracy is much better and you will find the membership profile information easier to navigate.

We are glad to help with any questions you may have!

You can call us at (203) 966-4848 or email us at

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