Understanding double masking
Double masking is a trending topic that has brought awareness to the main stream that regular cloth masks (and surgical masks) alone are not always sufficient protection. Walter Stewart’s has Silvertek’s NanoFit Masks in stock – with the fit and filtration capacity of a double-mask already built in. SilverTek started creating their mask prior to the pandemic, and as such they had many months to research and properly think through its design. That is why it is:
◼️Scientifically-vetted and environmentally-certified
◼️Fits properly (no gaps or air leaks, staying on the face)
◼️Has advanced nanofiber filtration (longer lasting than surgical masks and N95s) which functions like a built-in double mask.
In addition, the NanoFit is made from three layers of antimicrobial fabric specifically spec’d for masks. Combined with the insertable 4-layer nanofiber filter, the NanoFit provides 7 total layers of protection.
We greatly care about the sustainability aspect of this situation as well. 🌏 Globally, 129 billion disposable masks are being discarded every month. Surgical masks are made of plastic (not paper) and are significantly contributing to the plastic pollution crisis.
With more people upgrading to a SilverTek mask, they will properly protect both themselves and our planet!
WSM also offers SilverTek’s STOGO All-Day antimicrobial gloves. Multi-functional and touchscreen friendly.  ViralOff® reduces SARS-COV-2 by 99% on the gloves within two hours, meeting the ISO 18184:2019 standard (Determination of antiviral activity of textile products).

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