We are proud to feature the highest-quality specialty mustards from Edmond Fallot, showcased here in this fabulous recipe. Try them as the perfect accent on hot dogs, burgers, salads and all of your summertime favorites.


1 chicken
30g flour (1/4 cup)
80g butter (1/3 cup)
100g small white onions (4 oz)
2dl of chicken stock (1 cup)
fresh mixed herbs
1dl fresh cream (1/2 cup)
2 tablespoons Fallot Dijon Tarragon Mustard
minced tarragon
salt, pepper


Cut the chicken into pieces. Season & dust the pieces with flour. Brown them in a large casserole dish with hot butter. Add small white onions. Moisten with the chicken stock. Add mixed herbs. Bring to a boil. Cook for 35 minutes. Set aside chicken & onions in a dish. Keep them warm. Allow the sauce to reduce. Add cream & mustard. Bring to the boil. Season according to taste. Pour the sauce over chicken pieces & sprinkle with minced tarragon.

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