Slow Cooker Red Wine Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Red Wine Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Red Wine Pot RoastJeanette Chen at Jeanette’s Healthy Living has created this great recipe for the perfect comforting meal on a chilly winter day. After just 15 minutes of prep time, your slow cooker takes over and does all the work, resulting in a wonderfully tender and delicious roast. It also reheats well and any leftovers can be used in a stew or hearty soup.


3 1/2- 4 pounds chuck roast
salt and fresh ground black pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion sliced
3 carrots cut up
2 celery stalks cut up
8 ounces mushrooms cut up
6 cloves garlic chopped
2 tablespoons tomato paste
3 cups red wine
8 cups beef or chicken stock
2 sprigs fresh thyme
1 bay leaf
2 tablespoons cornstarch mixed with 4 tablespoons water
fresh parsley chopped


Season chuck roast all over with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a large skillet and brown all sides of the chuck roast well. Remove roast to a plate and add onion, carrots, celery, mushrooms and garlic. Sauté on medium heat until fragrant, about 5-7 minutes. Add tomato paste and mix in; cook for a few minutes. Add red wine, bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium-low and reduce wine by three quarters. Add stock, thyme and bay leaf and bring to a boil. Transfer sauce and vegetables to slow cooker; place roast on top, pressing down to submerge in liquid as much as possible. Cook on high for 4-5 hours until fork tender. To make gravy, remove 4 cups of sauce to saucepan; bring to a boil; stir in cornstarch/water mixture and cook until thickened, just a few minutes. Slice pot roast and serve with vegetables and gravy.


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