Vulto Miranda – Cheese of the Month

vultomirandaMiranda by Vulto Creamery (Walton, NY)  
This fresh arrival from Vulto Creamery is a washed rind cow’s milk cheese from NY cheesemaker extraordinaire Jos Vulto of Vulto Creamery. Essentially the same style as Vulto’s main cheese the Ouleoout, the Miranda is made from the last curds of the Ouleout batches. Though while the Ouleout comes in a larger 8″ or so size, the Miranda goes into small italian cheese moulds, producing the little buttons about 3” in diameter and height. The wash really sets the Miranda apart. Where the Ouleout gets a basic brine wash, the Miranda is treated with the herbal spirit of absinthe, made by Cheryl Lins at Delaware Phoenix Distillery, a Walton-based distillery. A true rarity in the cheese world – an absinthe-washed cheese! Though please note the cheese does not take on absinthe color nor will it induce any hallucinations. “The flavors have the trademarks of a great Taleggio: brothy, meaty, savory and earthy, with nutty and grassy notes; the absinthe wash lends it additional complexity, subtle fruity and yeasty hints, with a bit of sour and tang on the finish.” (available in our cheese case).  Pair with a nice Malbec from Stewart’s Spirits.

Cato Corner Farmstead Cheeses are Here!

Cato Corner Farmstead Cheeses are a real local delight. Shipped to us from Colchester in central Connecticut we take great pride in carrying their products. Made by a Mother-Son team, this family creates their cheeses with fresh milk from 40 free range cows that are cared for without the use of hormones or subtherepeutic antibiotics.