Featured Cheese: Aged Gruyere AOP from Switzerland

 Featured Cheese: Aged Gruyere AOP from Switzerland
Cow’s Milk, unpasteurized; firm; inedible rind.
Creamy and nutty when young, more assertive, pungent, savory and more complex as it ages.
Wine Pairing:
French Red Burgundy (Pinot Noir).
Gruyère is one of the world’s greatest cheeses, and one of the few which is equally good raw and cooked – superb in the kitchen as it retains its flavor when cooked.
Gruyere Aged 6 Months:
Made exclusively by master cheesemaker Urs Leuenberger at Mountain dairy Vorderfultigen from milk that he collects from 6 farms within a 1 km radius.
Gruyere Aged 12 Months:
Made exclusively by 2008 World Cheese Champion cheesemaker Michael Spycher who gets milk twice per day from 12 farms within 4 km from his Fritzenhaus dairy.
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