Peter’s Stocking Winner and Holiday T-Bill Donation Days Results

Peter’s Stocking winner Leighton Busby, age 5, with Ann Cheney and Alex Stewart

Five year old Leighton Busby was the happy winner of this year’s Peter’s Stocking drawing. In the Holiday spirit of giving, Leighton kept a few toys for herself and generously donated the rest of the toys to Karl’s Chevrolet’s Toys for Tots drive. The memory of the late Peter Lewis lives on with this favorite holiday tradition, which he started in 1978.
Walter Stewart’s sent checks totaling $2545.13 to participating local non-profit organizations this week, proceeds from the market’s annual “Holiday Donation Days T-Bill drive” held in December.
“The Holiday T-Bill drive caps off another successful year for our Donation Days program. We’re pleased to support our shoppers’ favorite local organizations!” said Alex Stewart, General Manager of Walter Stewart’s, and great-grandson of the store’s founder.
Walter Stewart’s shoppers designated T-Bill Rewards to the following participating organizations:
NC Food Pantry ($994.94); NC Community Foundation ($395.21); NC Cares ($189.18); Strays & Others ($185.63); ABC ($166.92); Horizons ($89.74); Staying Put ($77.75); NC Nature Center ($58.40); Get About Van ($56.86); Visiting Nurse ($49.50); NC Historical Society ($46.10); NC Society for the Arts ($45.68); Outback Teen Center ($41.97); Arts for Healing ($38.70); NC Library ($32.16); Day Care Center of NC ($28.62); Red Cross ($26.61); NC Sewing Group ($21.16)
Stewart’s shoppers receive “T-Bill” rewards when they shop which they can use to help provide financial assistance to participating non-profits during Donation Days fundraisers held throughout the year. This year through the T-Bill Donation Days program Walter Stewart’s has donated a total of $4715.13 to participating local non-profits, $1707,65 to the NCHS Scholarship Fund, as well as over 100 Thanksgiving turkey dinners to Person-to-Person for local families in need.
Shoppers who would like to participate in the Donation Days program may obtain a courtesy card from the store’s customer service staff or sign up online.