Organic Honeycrisp Apples, Cotton Candy Grapes, Witch Fingers

Grapes that taste like Cotton Candy, it’s all the rage and Walter Stewart’s has them!  These plump and juicy seedless green grapes are one of our newest varieties, and they’re one that everyone is excited about. Cotton Candy® grapes taste exactly like the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a kid at the circus—and we mean exactly. Pop some in your mouth, close your eyes, and you’re that kid again! The grapes really do taste like the popular carnival confectionary made from air and spun sugar, but with one great twist – they are surprisingly all-natural!

These grapes are the result of meticulous plant-breeding. But why Cotton Candy? Why not funnel cake, corn dog or cronut? A happy accident,according to NPR reports, the breeder — horticulturalist David Cain — went through roughly 100,000 test-tube plants before discovering a seedless, cotton candy-flavored one. Try this special grape at Walter Stewart’s along with another seasonal delicacy – Witch Finger Grapes. Witch Fingers™ are wickedly sweet and fun to eat. Kids just go bonkers for them. They make for a “scary good” after-school snack.

organichoneycrispThis just in . . . Organic Honeycrisp Apples! A favorite variety of ours and yours! And a sign that we’re getting closer to the local apple season.

tigerfigsTwo new fresh arrivals that are delicious discoveries that you don’t see everyday: Tiger Figs and Organic White Beets!  The tiger fig is a sweet variety with striped green and yellow skin and “strawberry- red” flesh. When fully ripe the fruit has a rich, jam-like texture and consistency. Great for drying, preserves and fresh eating.

organicwhitebeatsWhite beets lack the commonly earthy, strong beet flavor that the colored beets embody. They are sweet and tender. White beets will not bleed. Although their nutritional value, including fiber, the minerals folate and manganese and leafy greens full of vitamin K, A and C are no different from the more common red beet, white beets have a milder flavor. Steaming or sauteing are the best ways to cook white beets.