Parish Hill Creamery Cheeses

parishhill_humbleherdsman• Humble Herdsman
(Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese | Westminster West, VT )
Whole milk semi-soft Tomme, aged 3 to 5 months. When young, Humble has a mild, nutty flavor and a golden-hued, edible rind formed by brushing the outside with local hard cider. Humble gains earthy, vegetal notes as it ripens.
pair with Giné Giné Priorat (2012, Buil & Giné)
West West Blue
(Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese | Westminster West, VT )
Traditional aged, two-curd Gorgonzola, West West Blue is made with whole, raw milk from Elm Lea Farm and aged 90 – 180 days. The edible rind surrounds an interior with openings filled with streaks of blue mold, a creamy texture and a spicy, earthy flavor.
pair with Chateau du Taillan Haut Medoc (2010)