Sumo Citrus

Now is the time when most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest. Stewart’s has so many delicious citrus varieties to enjoy, from Satsumas and Clementines to Cara Cara Navels and Ruby Star Grapefruits. And Walter Stewart’s has the sweetest fresh-squeezed


Daily Lunch Specials – January 17th

Check out the Deli Menu for other ideas or let us know what you’d like for a custom lunch! Call (203) 966-4848 and place your order ahead of time! Here are the Daily Deli Specials for Tuesday

Local Spotlight


Cranberry and Pecan Rice Pilaf

Livening up the meal in the winter can be challenging but these simple additions to your rice pilaf will have the kids asking for more. The recipe is shared by Julia Deane of Culinary Works


Catering Menu

Walter Stewart’s catering provides the perfect solution for all of your entertainment needs. Authentic fresh sushi platters, delicious restaurant-quality entrees, a great selection of hors d’ oeuvres and finger foods, and dozens of other reasonably priced and beautifully presented platters will enhance any gathering, party or event.

Fresh Arrivals

A Fresh Start to the New Year!

Get a fresh start to the new year by shaking up your meal routine! Walter Stewart’s is your local source for a delicious selection of fresh and convenient Salad Shakers – Southwest Salad with Chicken,