Horizons T-Bill Drive Results

Yesterday New Canaan honored the Horizons Student Enrichment Program with a town-wide “Horizons Day”! Walter Stewart’s was pleased to contribute by offering a one day T-Bill drive. Thanks to your support, together we raised $866.84


Italian Combo

Daily Lunch Specials – May 27th

Check out the Deli Menu for other ideas or let us know what you’d like for a custom lunch! Call (203) 966-4848 and place your order ahead of time! Friday May 27th Double Hamburger and Macaroni Salad

Local Spotlight



Skinny Berry Cheesecake Trifle

This is the ultimate dessert to bring to the cookout this year! Jeanette Chen from Jeanette’s Healthy Living shares this light version to this recipe. Each serving is about 40% lower in calories and has



Catering Menu

Walter Stewart’s catering provides the perfect solution for all of your entertainment needs. Authentic fresh sushi platters, delicious restaurant-quality entrees, a great selection of hors d’ oeuvres and finger foods, and dozens of other reasonably priced and beautifully presented platters will enhance any gathering, party or event.

Fresh Arrivals


1st of the Season Spring Arrivals

Spring is the season of renewal and the time to celebrate the many “firsts.” The first flowers blooming. The first barbecues. And the first of the season for many of your favorite fruits and vegetables.