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Holiday Cooking & Baking Celebrate all of the best flavors and scents of the season with specialty sauces, jams, spreads, butters, pie mixes, bread mixes and more from Stonewall Kitchen. And you will find the


Italian Combo

Daily Lunch Specials – Jan. 23rd

Check out the Deli Menu for other ideas or let us know what you’d like for a custom lunch! Call (203) 966-4848 and place your order ahead of time! Here are today’s Daily Lunch Specials: Friday January

Local Spotlight


Homemade Lasegne with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach

Mexican Lasagna by Lisa Corrado Nutrition

Here’s a Mexican take on the classic Italian lasagna which Lisa Corrado, of Lisa Corrado Nutrition, is sharing with us today. Lisa loves dishes like lasagna because you can add or subtract practically anything you



Catering Menu

Walter Stewart’s catering provides the perfect solution for all of your entertainment needs. Authentic fresh sushi platters, delicious restaurant-quality entrees, a great selection of hors d’ oeuvres and finger foods, and dozens of other reasonably priced and beautifully presented platters will enhance any gathering, party or event.

Fresh Arrivals


200% Guaranteed Fresh

200% Guaranteed Fresh Seafood! Our team receives daily deliveries of ocean fresh fish from the best and most trusted local supplier.  Shop Stewart’s for fresh U.S. Wild Gulf Shrimp, U.S. Wild Dry Sea Scallops, Organic