March 23 - 29

Every week we offer many of our most popular products for a special price. You will find featured specials in every department. From everyday savings on fresh fruit and vegetables, Certified Angus Beef, fresh seafood, Walter Stewart’s cold cuts, and prepared fresh meals and soups, to T-Bill specials on brands you love the most, from Rao’s Marinara Sauce to LaCroix sparkling water!

Organic Eggplants, per lb

Sale Price: $3.99
Save $1.00
Rao’s Marinara Sauce, 32 oz$7.49$2.50
Bounty Paper Towels, 8 pk$24.99$5.00
Colavita Aged Balsamic, 17 oz$4.99$1.30
Skinny Girl Salad Dressing, 8 oz$2.99$0.50
Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup, ass’t, 19 oz$3.29$1.00
Quaker Life Cereal, 18 oz$5.39$2.00
Kitchen Basics Stock, ass’t, 32 oz$3.99$1.00
Starbucks – 10 ct K-cups, 12 oz bag, ass’t$9.99$3.00
Sunmaid Raisins, 12 oz$2.69$1.00
Maple Grove Maple Syrup, 12.5 oz$8.99$2.00
4C Bread Crumbs, 12 oz$2.19$0.99
Jif Peanut Butter, 28 oz$3.99$2.00
Polaner All Fruit, ass’t, 10 oz$2.49$1.00
Maxwell Coffee, 11.5 oz$4.99$1.19
Gold Medal Flour, 5 lb$3.99$2.60
Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, 52 oz$3.99$1.00
Chobani Yogurt, ass’t, 5.3 oz4/5.00$2.96
Kerrygold Butter, 8 oz$4.29$1.00
Crystal Farm Shredded Cheese, 7, 8 oz2/6.00$2.58
Organic Valley Grass Fed Milk, 64 oz$5.99$2.00
Planet Oat, 52 oz$3.19$1.00
Jell-O, ass’t, 4 pk2/6.00$1.18
Rao’s Frozen Entrées, 9 oz$3.99$1.90
Eggo Waffles/Pancakes Family Pack, 29.6 oz$6.99$1.00
Yummy Chicken Nuggets, 38 oz$9.99$2.00
McKenzie Buffalo Chicken Breast, per lb $13.99 $2.00
Schaller & Weber Liverwurst, per lb $10.99 $1.00
Schaller & Weber Bologna, per lb $9.99 $1.00
Schaller & Weber Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast, per lb $12.99 $1.00
Andrew & Everett American Cheese, per lb $11.49 $1.00
WSM Sesame Vegetable Noodles, per lb $7.99 $1.00
WSM Butternut Squash Soup, per qt $11.00 $1.00
WSM Mushroom Risotto Cakes, each $5.49 $0.50
WSM Spicy Black Bean Burger, each $5.99 $1.00
Organic Eggplants, per lb$3.99$1.00
Organic Ambrosia Apples, per lb$2.99$1.00
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce, each$3.99$1.00
Minneola Tangelo, each3/3.00$1.47
Cosmic Crisp Apples, per lb$2.99$1.00
Orange Peppers, per lb$3.99$1.00
Bartlett Pears, per lb$2.49$1.00
Fresh Tulips, bunch, 10 stems2/20.00$1.47
Veal Scallopini, per lb $25.99 $3.00
CAB Petite Tenders, per lb $12.99 $2.00
CAB First Cut Beef Brisket, per lb $10.99 $2.00
Bell & Evans Skin-On Boneless Breast, per lb $7.99 $1.00


Cooked Jumbo Shrimp, per lb$18.99$2.00


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, 16 ozReg. Price $7.29
Blackberries, conventional/organicReg. Price$4.99/5.99
Tate’s Cookies, 7,8 ozReg. Price $5.99
Organic Ora King Salmon Fillet, per lbReg. Price $30.99
Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs, dzPrice $7.99-8.29
Polar Seltzer, 12 oz, 12 pkReg. Price $6.99
Fulvi Pecorino Romano Fresh Cut Wedge, per lb$29.99$2.00
Barber’s Vintage English Cheddar, per lb$22.99$1.00
Firefly Farms Black & Blue Goat Blue Cheese, 6 oz$12.99$1.00
Jasper Hill Farm Harbison, 9 oz$26.99$1.00
WSM Cranberry Orange Muffins$5.99$1.00
Continental Cookies Florentine Lace$5.99$1.00
WSM Sourdough Boule$5.49$0.50
WSM Roasted Garlic Croutons$6.99$1.00
Terranova Bread Crumbs$3.29$0.50
Lucky Spoon GF Vanilla Cupcakes$8.99$1.00
Lucky Spoon GF Chocolate Cupcakes$8.99$1.00
WSM Oatmeal Raisin Cookies$6.99$1.00

Wine of the Week

Justin Sauvignon Blanc

Central Coast, CA, 2021

“A clean, textured palate with bright citrus and tropical fruit with a hint of fresh herbs balanced with a crisp, refreshing mineral structure. The result is a wine that is both a refreshing aperitif and a perfect food pairing wine for an amazing range of cheeses, seafood, or light dining options, such as appetizers or tapas.”

INSIDER’S PRICE: $17.99/bottle

– CT’s Lowest Price! –

Reg. Price: $19.99/bottle

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