corn pudding, jeanette's healthy living, bi-color corn

Real Corn Pudding

This classic side dish is the perfect showcase for our locally grown bi-color corn, one of our specials this week here at Walter Stewart’s. It’s pure comfort food, made with real ingredients – no canned cream of corn or corn muffin mix.

Mexican Corn Quinoa Salad

Bi-color corn from local CT growers has arrived at Stewart’s, making this recipe from Jeanette’s Healthy Living even fresher. She finds pan roasting the corn brings out the natural sugars, making it taste sweeter and

Fourth of July Flag Cobbler

What better way to show your colors than with this summer-fresh, stars-and-stripes strawberry-blueberry cobbler? Fruit cobblers can come in many guises, from biscuit-topped peaches, to blueberries on a cake batter base to this red, white