Pumpkin Risotto, squash risotto, culinary works, julia deane

Pumpkin or Squash Risotto

Pumpkin or Squash Risotto

Welcome the flavor of autumn to your table with this comforting risotto from Julia Deane of Culinary Works. Stirring often while slow cooking allows the short grains of the Arborio rice to rub against each other, releasing starch and creating this naturally creamy, silky dish. The optional sage leaves and amaretti cookie crumbs provide wonderful accents of taste and texture.

Asiago Cheese Puffs, belgioioso

Asiago Cheese Puffs

Light and versatile, these delights from the cheese artisans of BelGioioso are wonderful on their own, as a unique bread basket addition, or as the foundation for a myriad of appetizer combinations. Cut in half and fill with your favorite Italian meats, fresh or marinated vegetables, savory spreads, and cheeses – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

corn pudding, jeanette's healthy living, bi-color corn

Real Corn Pudding

This classic side dish is the perfect showcase for our locally grown bi-color corn, one of our specials this week here at Walter Stewart’s. It’s pure comfort food, made with real ingredients – no canned cream of corn or corn muffin mix.