Holiday Entertaining, Decorating & Gift-Giving

Holiday Cooking & Baking Celebrate all of the best flavors and scents of the season with specialty sauces, jams, spreads, butters, pie mixes, bread mixes and more and you will find the best ingredients for


Daily Lunch Specials – December 7th

Check out the Deli Menu for other ideas or let us know what you’d like for a custom lunch! Call (203) 966-4848 ext. 106 and place your order ahead of time!

Local Spotlight

Donating Thanksgiving Turkeys!

We are very proud to partner with Person-to-Person every year to deliver Thanksgiving turkeys to local families in need! Walter Stewart’s Market donated 100 turkeys to their holiday drive today! Thank you Person-to- Person for


Campanelle with Roasted Garlic, Chicken, and Arugula

Full of wonderfully savory ingredients, this enticing pasta dish was created by the master cheese crafters at Galbani, who believe one of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing a great meal with those you love.


Holiday Catering Menu

Enjoy a delicious, fresh-prepared holiday feast without the hassle! Whether you need a complete holiday dinner or you just need to bring a side, we’ve got you covered!

Fresh Arrivals

A Cut Above . . .

Our Expert Butchers are at your service for the Holidays! Our skilled meat cutters will Tie, Pin, Score and Stuff your Roasts.  Choose from the best cuts, the highest grades & the best brands! Choose from