Congratulations to Natalie Hamilton the happy winner of our 41st annual Peter’s Stocking drawing. Walter Stewart’s also donated toys purchased from the New Canaan Toy Store to the local Toys for Tots drive.
The memory of Peter Lewis lives on with his favorite holiday tradition – Peter’s Stocking. For the 41stholiday season, Walter Stewart’s invites our youngest shoppers to enter for a chance to win the toys in the giant red Christmas stocking hanging in our store. A tradition started by the late Peter Lewis. “Just seeing the happy faces of the kids makes me smile,” Peter said back in 2006 in response to this annual event. The toys were purchased from the New Canaan Toy Store with a few “Peter approved” traditional music toys and classic games. Walter Stewart’s will also donate toys purchased from New Canaan Toy Store to the Toys for Tots drive.
Walter Stewart’s completed it’s annual Holiday T-Bill Donation Days drive to benefit local charities and together we raised $1531.60 for participating local organizations!
Shoppers who would like to participate in the T-Bill Donation Days program may obtain a courtesy card from the store’s customer service staff or sign up online.

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