Congratulations to Peter’s Stocking winner James Smeed, age 7, pictured with his dad James, and Bennett and Doug of WSM

Congratulations to the 43rd winner of the toys in Peter’s Stocking, seven-year-old James Smeed!
The memory of Peter Lewis lives on with his favorite holiday tradition – Peter’s Stocking. Walter Stewart’s also donated toys purchased from New Canaan Toy Store to the Toys for Tots drive. 

Our T-Bill shoppers were also invited to donate their balances to their favorite local non-profits during our annual holiday donations days drive. Together we raised $2430.81 for participating local organizations, including ABC House, NC Food Pantry, and Strays and Others. Customers who would like to participate in the T-Bill Donation Days program may obtain a courtesy card from the store’s customer service staff or sign up online.

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