We’re excited to introduce our newest farm partner duBreton. Offering the best flavor as well as the best in class farming and production practices! Discover our selection of antibiotic and hormone free pork as well as organic – look for it in our case with our Walter Stewart’s label.
Not all pork is raised and handled equally and if you care about the quality of what’s on your fork, it is worth checking out duBreton®. You can feel good about your choice as duBreton® Certified Humane® pigs are raised to the highest standards, which include a nutritious vegetarian diet, no antibiotics, free access to shelter, hay or straw bedded resting areas to avoid discomfort, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors, including playing and rooting. Every aspect is approached with respect for the animals to reduce stress and fear and results in the best-tasting pork. DuBreton organic and rustic pork surpass the industry requirements to a degree in which they are the first pork producers in North America to receive the Certified Humane® certification.

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