Walter Stewart’s is the exclusive East Coast purveyor of Caviar Petrossian! Making the Grade: Caviar is raised and harvested all across the globe, but only the finest batches come to Petrossian, where they are matured to perfection using time-honored family secrets.
Baika (Siberian) Caviar
Reminiscent of the Tsars of Imperial Russia, Siberian caviar is often dark gray, with firm beads, a strong sea flavor and a velvet finish that melts in the mouth.
Ossetra Classic Caviar
A caviar this dark and deep could only be plucked from the cold fathoms of Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, in Russian Siberia. Defined by a nutty flavor and firm, juicy grains ranging from light green to warm, rich brown.
Daurenki Caviar
The marriage of two renowned species of sturgeon. This wonderful caviar has large, buttery grains that range from dark grey to light golden green with a long, lingering finish.
Salmon Roe
Prized for its larger, firmer bead and juicy sweetness. Harvested and lightly salted using the time-honored methods established by venerable Russian fisheries.
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