Featured Cheesemaker: Nettle Meadow Artisan Cheese

WSM is pleased to offer excellent award-winning goat and cow milk cheeses from Nettle Meadow Farm in Thurman, NY.  Nettle Meadow Farm is truly committed to the artisanal nature of each of their cheeses, the use of natural and organic ingredients and the well-being of all their animals.
Nettle Meadow Chive Schroon Moon
“A creamy, onion-y, cow’s milk cheese with chives and sea salt.  Perfect on a toasted sesame bagel with lox or inside a stuffed chicken breast with caramelized tomatoes.”
Nettle Meadow Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc
“Light fresh flavors of the freshest goat’s milk cheese infused with lavender tea and mixed with local honey.”

Nettle Meadow Kunik Mini
“Kunik is their triple crème wheel made from goat’s milk and cow cream. It won a Second Place finish at the 2019 U.S. Cheese Championships and a Good Food Award in 2018.  It has a white rind and a tangy buttery flavor. Delicious on its own or with fruit and crackers. “Minis” are now available in an easy 3.5 ounce format for grab and go convenience.”
Also available in our center store cheese case:
Nettle Meadow Cherry Choc Schroon Moon 
Nettle Meadow Honey Rhubarb Goat Cheese

New to WSM: Il Palio Fresh Pasta

We are pleased to offer Il Palio all natural fresh pasta, made locally in Shelton, CT by chef Margherita Aloi, “At 18, Margherita left her hometown of Piedmont, Italy for New York City, beginning her storied career as a chef. In 2010, she began her journey at Il Palio where she has showcased her passion for pasta. She is proud to bring her authentic and traditional pastas to your table. Buon Appetito!”
Available in our center store fresh cheese and pasta case: Bucatini, Casarecce, Cavatelli, Fusilli, Reginelle

Featured Artisanal Cheese: Kase Rebellen Hay Flower

Kase Rebellen “Heublumen Rebell” – Hay Flower Rebel
Award-winning* semi-hard, creamy cheese produced by Sulzberger Käserebellen Sennerei in Austria.  Processed only from the purest hay-milk of cows that are fed on dried hay, herbs and grains of corn. ‘Allergy friendly’ and 100% GMO-free.
* Won a bronze award at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.
The scent of honey, floral aromas and young wood reminds one of an alpine meadow. Creamy notes and light caramel refer to the hay-milk. This creamy-soft cheese melts beautifully. A winning cheese, close to its origins.

  • Semi-hard cheese
  • Made from unpasteurized cow’s milk
  • Country: Austria
  • Region: Sulzberg
  • Type: semi-hard, artisan
  • Fat content: 50%

Why Hay-Milk?
The special mountain herbs of the alpine flora give our cheese the unique and rebellious aroma. Additionally due to the premium quality of the hay-milk, there is no need to use an additives and preservatives and so we can produce cheeses that refer back to rural and well-tried tradition.
100% mountain farmer`s hay-milk from cows that are only fed with the best silage free fodder.
the expertise and careful production of cheese by our employees who can look back on more than 150 years of tradition.
the long, natural ripening period and the constant and careful treatment of the cheese.
Stewart’s Wine & Spirits pairing: Forge Cellars Dry Classique Riesling or Wolffer Estate Rose 

The Best Big Game Fixings Copy

Stewart’s is your destination for the best big game fixings! Our prepared foods case is packed with crowd pleasing bites for Game Day fresh from our kitchen. Look for our All Beef Chili, Lasagna, Hot and Sweet Sausage and Peppers, Gluten Free Italian Meatballs, Turkey Meatballs, Gluten Free Chicken Tenders, Chicken Tenders, Honey BBQ Tenders, Buffalo Wings, BBQ Spare Ribs, Chicken Piccata, Flank Steak w/ Chimichurri, Grilled Marinated Chicken Thighs, Kale & Vegetable Dumplings, Pork & Kimchi Dumplings, and more! Made in-house the right way with the freshest ingredients!

The Best Big Game Fixings

Stewart’s is your destination for the best big game fixings! Our prepared foods case is packed with crowd pleasing bites for Game Day, fresh from our kitchen. Look for our All Beef Chili, Family-sized Meat Lasagna, 1 foot Party Heros (American Combo or Italian Comb), Pulled Pork Pizzettes, Chicken and Beef Empanadas, Shrimp Cocktail platters,  a full selection of store-made Dips (Guacamole, Salsa Fresca, 5 Layer Dip, Artichoke Dip, Spinach Dip, Truffle Dip, Buffalo Dip, Crab Dip, Bacon Cheddar Dip), and more! Made in-house the right way with the freshest ingredients!
Game Day Wings. Featuring BBQ, Buffalo, and Chili-glazed wings at our hot bar.
Stop by our Hot Bar Super Bowl Sunday, 11am – close.

Peak Season Winter Citrus

Sure the weather may be dreary but it’s peak season for so many delicious citrus varieties! Enjoy two of our favorite navel oranges: Heirlooms and Cara Caras! The large juicy Heirloom is ultra-sweet with an amazing old world taste. With plentiful low-acid juice and little or no seeds, Caras are one of the most popular of all navels!
Shop Stewart’s for all of your favorite peak season Winter Citrus varieties:
Heirloom Navels, Honey Bell Tangelos, Cara Caras, Navel Oranges, Minneola Tangelos, Satsuma Mandarins, Sumo Citrus, Clementines, White Grapefruits, Pink Grapefruits, Melo Gold Grapefruits, Star Ruby Grapefruits, Organic Navels, Organic Cara Caras, Organic Pink Grapefruits and more.

New to WSM: Juliana’s Take and Bake Pizza

New to WSM Juliana’s Take & Bake Pizza! Enjoy the #1 rated pizza in the USA and NYC at home! Fresh from Juliana’s 800 degree coal-fired oven in Brooklyn. Available in our center store prepared foods case and at our Deli.

Jasper Hill Farms Willoughby Cheese

This week we are showcasing Willoughby cheese by Jasper Hill Creamery in Greensboro, VT. This succulent, buttery washed-rind cheese is an original creation of Marisa Mauro’s Ploughgate Creamery, a Cellars collaborator that ceased production of the cheese after a creamery fire in 2011. With Marisa’s blessing Jasper Hill resurrected this pudgy little washed-rind and have continued to develop the recipe at Jasper Hill Creamery.
Willoughby has aromas of peat, roasted beef and onions – a strong and complex front for the subtle milky, herbal, ripe-peach flavors within. Willoughby has a thin, tender, rosy-orange rind, which adds earthy dimension to the texture and flavors of the gooey interior.
The pudding-like texture may become softer with age, but should remain sliceable for portioning until 9 weeks after its production date. Pair with juicy rose, funky saison beer or raw floral honey.





Featured Artisanal Cheeses at WSM

New and featured Artisanal cheeses at WSM (available in our center store cheese case):

KARLIE’S GRATITUDE | Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, CT

Made in the tradition of French farmhouse Camembert, Karlie’s Gratitude brings the flavors of France to the Litchfield Hills. In just a few short weeks, it transitions from firm and lactic to buttery and oozy, becoming the perfect match for a warm, fresh baguette.


CHALLERHOCKER Washed Rind Swiss Cheese | Kaserei Tufertschwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Walter Rass, the cheese maker from for Kaserei Tufertschwil in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, uses his years of experience crafting Appenzellar to create an original variation of the time honored favorite: Chällerhocker. By altering the cook temperature, making his own rennet, and using unskimmed milk, Rass presses the curds into molds and allows them to rest a day before initiating the washing process.
Chällerhocker translates roughly to ‘sitting in the cellar,’ which is exactly where Ross keeps the cheese to age. For at least 10 months the cheese matures on wooden planks, each wheel carefully turned and brushed with Rass’ perfected brine.
Due to Its repeated washings, Challerhocker has a slightly tacky rind and smells of peanuts. The paste is firm and smooth, dense enough to be deemed fudgy, with an aroma of brown butter and cashews, and lingering flavors of malt and caramel.
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow Brown Swiss/Braunvvieh 13 contributing herds (1 herd Simmental)
RENNET Traditional calf stomach Produced on-site
PRODUCER Walter Rass, Kaserei Tufertschwil
REGION Saint-Gallen Switzerland
AGE 10 months+
PROFILE Chällerhocker has a slightly tacky rind and smells of peanuts.
The paste is firm and smooth, dense enough to be deemed fudgy, with an
aroma of brown butter and cashews, and lingering flavors of malt.

New to WSM: hand-crafted, plant-based, SunLeaf Naturals essential oil home and body care products

New to WSM: a line of hand-crafted, plant-based home and body care products from SunLeaf Naturals in Minnesota. Essential Oil Reed Diffusers; clean burning essential oil-scented Candles; and plant-derived, essential oil scented, biodegradable Shampoo & Body Soaps. SunLeaf Naturals is committed to purity: no artificial fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, preservatives/parabens, alcohol, triclosan, synthetics, or plastic bottles.