Walter Stewart’s is the exclusive East Coast purveyor of Caviar Petrossian! Making the Grade: Caviar is raised and harvested all across the globe, but only the finest batches come to Petrossian, where they are matured to perfection using time-honored family secrets.

  • Royal Sevruga Caviar

    This versatile caviar imparts hints of brine and butter, with a firm texture that pops gently on the palate.
  • Classic Ossetra Caviar

    From Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, in Russian Sibera, this caviar offers a briny, nutty profile and firm, juicy grains.
  • Classic Daurenki Caviar

    This unique hybrid combines the rich flavors of Shassetra with the creamy, buttery “pop” of Kaluga Huso caviar to give you the best of both of worlds.
  • Classic Baika

    Petrossian’s darkest, richest caviar is crafted in the old way. Fresh from its origins in the cold Siberian waters, this vintage classic is born from time-honored techniques and evokes the past as it awakens the senses.
  • Salmon Roe

    Prized for its larger, firmer bead and juicy sweetness. Harvested and lightly salted using time-honored Russian methods.

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