Tastes of Autumn

Treat yourself and guests to the perfect autumn dessert – snappy aged cheddar with sweet local pears! To serve, just slice them into wedges and fan them on plates. Set out a chunk of room temperature cheddar. Encourage everyone to take a thin slice of cheese and eat it with a wedge of pear . . . a pure autumnal delight!


Celebrating All of Autumn’s Bounty

Walter Stewart’ is your one stop shop for everything flavor-fall this season! From the freshest local CT apples, pears, cider, and cider donuts to an eye-popping selection of pumpkins, gourds, autumn flowers and squash, as well as the best farmstead cheeses, fresh-prepared salads and meals, and pumpkin ales and seasonal craft brews right next door . . . celebrate all of fall’s bounty at Stewart’s!